What is XiploTeq?

XiploTeq is a mobile banking solution that makes banking easy.

It allows anyone in the world to transact instantly on their mobile device, or with a card, whether in a sophisticated first-world environment or a rural area without nearby banking facilities.

As long as there is internet connectivity, transactions can be made.

The app is available to existing banks or as standalone software for retailers, small businesses, organisations and individuals.

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Change the way you move your money

XiploTeq began as a banking software that was developed to run on community-based payphone networks in Africa. It was a way for people without bank accounts to transfer money, buy airtime and pay accounts without the need to carry cash. From there it has developed into an advanced, powerful application that can run independently, or be partnered with financial institutions to provide customers with instant access to their money wherever they are in the world.

  • Secure, encrypted transactions and account information
  • Latest security best practices
  • Detailed monitoring and audit capabilities
  • Free registration & download on Google Play and Apple Store
  • Highly competitive transaction fees
  • Instantaneous settlements
  • Instantaneous transfers between accounts across the world
  • Customisable value-added services, including micro-finance
  • Mobile Network independent
  • White labelled for your business


How it Works

Simple, intuitive and instant

By downloading the application (personally or through their existing bank), users are registered on the XiploTeq system.

They are then given an account that is linked to their phone number as well as to a XiploTeq card that can be used at any XiploTeq-enabled kiosk, vendor, or retailer around the world.

Using secure, cryptographic algorithms, users can load cash onto their mobile device and card at any authorized vendor. Those with existing banks that are partnered with XiploTeq can link the app directly to their account.

XiploTeq does not rely on the security of the networks but provides additional security layers and fraud detection capabilities. Redundant layers of security ensures you and your customers do not lose money.

Using the simple, intuitive interface users can transact (pay accounts and services) with anyone who is registered on the XiploTeq network.

Transactions are instant and can be done in any country with any currency.

It’s that easy.